The Unchangeable Rules of Software Change

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My own "anecdotal and case-study evidence" has led me to a set of
"unchangeable rules of software change" that I often convey to new
developers and teams. I blogged about them at
and they are:

==> Rule #0: The Requirements/Plans ARE going to change! (Change is Inevitable)

==> Rule #1: There isn't a darn thing you can do to prevent Rule #0.
(Resistance is Futile)

==> Rule #2: The more you try to deny and defy rule #1 by attempting
to prevent rule #0, the worse things will get. (Change is like
quicksand - Fighting only makes it worse)

==> Rule #3: The more flexible and adaptive you are at accommodating
change, the more control you will have over it. (Embrace change to
control change)

La riporto qui perche' mi sembra veramente interessante e perche' forse non tutti sanno dell'esistenza di questo interessantissimo gruppo.

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