Tim Sneath presenta Video.Show un progetto CodePlex di un esempio di soluzione end-to-end di un imagesito web per i contenuti video generati dall'utente; una sorta di mini YouTube per tutti. Video.Show usa le ultime tecnologie Microsoft: .NET Framework 3.5, ASP.NET AJAX, LINQ, Silverlight, Expression Encoder and Silverlight Streaming.
Video.Show fornisce funzioni di uploading, encoding, tagging, viewing e commenting su particolari punto del video.
Ecco una lista di alcuni funzioni:

  • Video wall for browsing videos. Hover the mouse over any individual video to see an instant thumbnail preview.
  • Time marker-based comment system. Pause the video at an interesting moment and add your comment, and it will appear as that frame is displayed on playback.
  • Site membership using ASP.NET. Sign in and create a custom profile; favorite, tag and upload videos.
  • First-time experience for a user without Silverlight installed demonstrates best practices for detection and installation.
  • Web services for retrieving video catalogs, tagging and favorites.
  • Background batch processing task that handles the encoding of videos using Expression Encoder and uploads to Silverlight Streaming.

Download Video.Show here from CodePlex.

Riferimento: Introducing Video.Show: A Silverlight Reference-quality Sample