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Sandcastle June 2007 CTP

Come anticipato un paio di giorni fa, è stata rilasciata la CTP di Giugno di Sandcastle. Queste le novità:

  1. New version of the CCI reflection engine.
  2. New presentation style and document model code named “VSORCAS”. Please see
  3. New ResolveReferenceLinks2 component replacing the existing ResolveReferenceLinks component.
  4. Added 2 new executables under production tools folder. They are SegregateByAssembly.exe and AggregateByNamespace.exe. These are used for building componentized assembly level HxS or CHM. I will blog more details about these in the coming weeks.
  5. Configure MrefBuilder to get dependencies from GAC. Please see changes to MrefBuilder.config file for details.
  6. Moved several common files to Presentation\shared folder.
  7. Support for recursively reading file. Please see changes to configuration files below for details.
  8. Added build.proj under Examples/Sandcastle folder. This Msbuild project file will generate chm/Hxs build from test.cs. Usage details below.

Maggiori dettagli sono contenuti in questo post. Fare clic qui per procedere immediatamente al download. Ora aspettiamo che anche l'indispensabile Sandcastle Help File Builder venga aggiornato.

Print | posted on martedì 19 giugno 2007 17:16 | Filed Under [ C# VB .NET Tutto & Oltre :-) ]

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