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Anteprima su Paint.NET 3.07

Sul blog di Rick Brewster sono disponibili alcune anticipazioni sulle novità che troveremo in Paint.NET 3.07:
    • The Help / Documentation is being moved online. It will no longer be part of what you download. Doing this reduces the size of the download from 4.5MB all the way down to 1.2 MB.
    • The Line/Curve tool is being enhanced to allow you to draw arrow heads. You can also set the line to be drawn with a few different dashed and dotted styles. You can set these options in the toolbar, and there are also keyboard shortcuts to cycle them (comma, period, and forward-slash).
    • When an image has unsaved changes, its thumbnail in the upper right corner of the Paint.NET window will have a little orange asterisk. This is something I really wanted for the big v3.0 release, but time and energy ran out and it just had to be punted. But it's here now! Not exactly something to write an epic poem about, but it's another nice touch. It will allow you to see at a glance which images still need to be saved.
    • The Save Configuration dialog will now allow you to maximize it, and it will also remember its location and size. I personally have considered this to be a nuisance in the past, where everytime I went to save a JPG or GIF, I would have to reposition and re-size the darn window. Well, now it's a bit smarter about it, and it's about time! 
    • There are some bug fixes, as usual. One thing that people have reported is that actions like Crop or Rotate Image reset the layer selection to the bottom layer. This is being fixed. There are also some issues that have come up regarding the new Open/Save dialogs in Vista, and I will be fixing those as well. The dialogs in Vista aren't buggy, but our use of them was incomplete and you couldn't open files from certain sources, for instance.

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# Paint.NET 3.07 Beta rilasciato

26/04/2007 18:29 | Around and About .NET World
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