Characteristics of Agile and Traditional Organizations

From InfoQ an interesting article about characteristics of Agile organizations.

Now a list of characteristics for teams, management styles and organizations, to you the decision of which one belong to a traditional organization an which to an agile organization:

  A B
1 - Developers are proud when: the company business is dependent on them things still work properly even without them
2 - Developers are proud to:  get closer to project mangers get closer to customers
3 - Developers: write a lot of code, use new technologies, dig into complexity delete unneeded code, limit the number of technologies per project and simplify things
4 - Developers know: "How to eat an elephant?" why not to eat an elephant:
5 - Developers are like: Hermetic poets, write code with secret meanings  (Hermetic poetry: poetic movement originating in Italy in the early 20th century. Works produced within the movement are characterized by unorthodox structure, illogical sequences, and highly subjective language. with cryptic brevity, obscurity, and involution) Hollywood, write code that anyone can read and enjoy (Coding styles: Hermetic poetry & Hollywood & Literate Programming)
6 - Developers and Managers strive to: gain roles and assigned authority gain skills and experience to be authoritative
7 - Developers and Managers acts: according to theory and beliefs  according to experience and evidences collected observing the reality
8 - Developers and Managers: undergo the alpha-male culture profit from positive interdependence, reciprocal cooperation and mutual benefits
9 - Leaders: manage the environment so that the team can succeed micro manage their team
10 - Leaders: set boundaries for decision making and delegate most decisions take most decisions
11- Leadership is: enforced by hierarchy showed by healthy functional interdependent beneficial interactions with people
12- In a Team disagreement discomfort and frustration: eventually become propellant energy toward a successful accomplishment are avoided and discouraged
13 - In a Team relationships with Project leader CTO users and other teams and suppliers: over time evolve and become more and more mutually beneficial over time evolve and become more formal and structured
14 - Teams prefer: short feedback loops to set the course over long ones that break the flow postpone recurring events to avoid waste of time and reduce the cost of administravite tasks
15 - Organizations reward: ambitions  humbleness 
16 - Organizations reward you: when you seem unique different irreplaceable  when you act simple and spread knowledge and experience 
17 - Employees pursue: self-interest first  self and team and company interests together (see enlightened self-interest/individualism, J.Z. Rubin, 1999) 

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by LudovicoVan at 05/02/2011 17:07

Solution: You belong to a lying organization.

> things still work properly even without them

Not even that is true: things work worse with them...


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