Formula 1 values & agile software development

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F1 values:

  • Speed: think about the trade-off between raising the maximum speed at the Speed-Trap point of the track and at the same time minimizing the Lap time (these can be 2 conflicting goals: think about reliability and slow tracks with lots of corners).

  • Excellence: that in F1 is the foundation to improve the performances and leads to success.

  • Competition: competing with opponents is a source of great motivation and get a useful reference point, while internal competition (e.g. the one in MacLaren between Alonso and Hamilton) can be very harmful.

  • Confidentiality: is good to prevent theft of technical information (e.g. Ferrari engineering information stolen by MacLaren), but between department of the same racing team do harm cooperation.

 Do you notice the similarities between F1 values and Agile sw development ?

F1 values & the Agile software development:

  • Speed: there is a trade-off between maximizing the velocity of the team in the current Sprint while not increasing technical-debt that will slow-down the team velocity in the following sprints.

  • Excellence: quality and real technical excellence is the best way to increase team's productivity, it is not a cost that slows down developments

  • Competition: team dynamics of internal/external competition apply also to software development teams

  • Confidentiality: also team dynamics of internal/external confidentiality apply to software development teams

Looks like F1 & Agile sw development have lot in common!  F1 looks to be an ideal environment to do agile sw development.

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