Formula1 and Agile sw development

Michael Schumacher:
driving is always about adapting to new circumstance
Looking very much forward to the start of the season - Schumi

So it is the agile software development

Looking forward for a new exciting F1 season

What a qualifying session!  Vettel (Red Bull) leads on pole position, Ferrari very very near then McLaren and Mercedes.
How will be the weather Sunday? Will the temperature of the air and of the track surface change? How will be tyres degradation during the race? What will be the pit-stop strategy of the opponents? How the engines, the electronics and the software will behave during the race?
All the focus goes on the first Sprint of the season.
Bright people, effective teamwork, top technology, relevant data always available and the ability to adapt quickly to new circumstances will bring to the victory.

Finally it has been a goooood race for Ferrari ;-)

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