Ancora su persone Versus processi

Riporto la prosecuzione del thread sul mettere l'insegnamento dei valori prima di quello dei processi : Teaching Values vs. Process  (qui completa su Linked-In)- Eccola :

- I prefer to contribute to build understanding-feeling-tuning between peoples in the team more then to build a new process, in Italian we call this 'intesa'

who played some team sports probably have already experienced this

- I like that word "intesa". Luca, how do you go about building that on a team?

- I try to learn/teach/build it by example. With actions. I strive to act in a transparent, trustworthy and effective manner every time. And I strive to observe the result of the actions of teammates without preconceived belief, with curiosity, with openness to be surprised and to see my guesses contradicted.

I try to help when someone is in need. And I don't mind to ask for help when a teammate could help me to improve what I'm doing.

I think that it works because the actions come from practices/decisions, that come from principles, that come from values. Then when the team acts with "intesa", the suitable process is the natural outcome

Commenti e impressioni sono ben accette come sempre

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