Spacchi pietre, sbarchi il lunario o costruisci cattedrali ?

( Gypsy di Susanne Vega : la notte è la cattredrale in cui si rivelano i segni del nostro destino )

Segnalo un articolo interessante : Stonecutters, Paycheck Earners, or Cathedral Builders? 

Alcuni estratti

“I’m cutting stone, what does it look like? I cut stone today, I cut stone yesterday, and I will cut stone tomorrow!”

“I’m making a living for my family.”

“I’m building a Cathedral!”

. . .

if a person is annoyed with his job, does he:

  • Complain? He is probably a stonecutter.
  • Ignore it? He is probably a paycheque earner.
  • Fix it? He is a cathedral builder.

. . .

Cathedral builders are absolutely critical to a healthy organization. They push the organization towards a vision, often ... continua qui

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