FAQ sul lavoro in Team e sulla Leadership

Interessante : FAQ's on Teams & Leadership

What is a team?
What are the basic principles of teamwork?
Are there different types of teams?
How is a team different than a group?
Who can be on a team?
How does a team form?
Why is trust important to teams?
Can one person make a difference on a team?
What is leadership?
Who can exhibit leadership?
Should teams have an assigned leader?
Shouldn't the technical expert be designated as the team leader?
What is the difference between "leadership" and "leader?"
How is a leader different than a manager?
What equips Partnerwerks to provide team and leadership expertise?
How do I start a team correctly?
How do I get someone to do what he or she agreed to?
How do I get someone to trust me?
How do I get meetings to start on time?
How do I work with someone who doesn't believe in teams?
How do I motivate someone who doesn't report to me

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