Dealing with uncertainty, unknowns, risks and change: Practices


During the last year I had the chance to highlight that Lean & Agile Software Development provide new tools to add to the toolbox that are useful to deal with
  1. uncertainty, unknowns, opportunities, risks
  2. change and unexpected events that are outside our control or influence

Previous posts detailed the sources of the former [1] and the sources of the latter [2].
Lean & Agile Software Development deal with the former with Just-In-Time, Iterative, Adaptive, Good Enough planning [3] [4] and deal with the latter with practices that help to achieve Agility [5], both are traits that belong to the key dimensions of Agile [6].


Two key practices among others are
  • just-in-time, good-enough, iterative-incremental, adaptive continuous planning
  • early, frequent releases in production to (alpha or beta or early adopter or ...) users of a steady continuous flow of new features and improvements


[1] Requirements' principles
[2] Contexts where Agility lead to better performances
[3] Iterative Vs Incremental
[4] Don’t know what I want, but I know how to get it
[5] Agility: characteristics
[6] The dimensions of Agile

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