Two ways of looking at the same problem

Presenting the problem Reframing the problem
It’s them It’s all of us
It’s a problem It’s an opportunity
We don’t have any power in this system We have not found our leverage points in this system
We can never achieve our goal We don’t have our goal broken into realistic steps
We need more time to do all of these things We have to decide what to do first and what to do later
We don’t have enough resources
We are wasting the resources we do have
We need to gather more input We need to pay more attention to the input we're already getting
Our employees are incompetent Our employee don't have enough time to do a quality job
We can't get along with each other We haven't make the commitment to work through our feelings toward one another
We don’t have enough money We don’t know yet how to find or generate more money
Our product won't sell We're trying to sell our product to the wrong people

Source: Facilitator's Guide by SAM KANER
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Gravatar # re: Two ways of looking at the same problem
by Emanuele at 27/07/2010 12:28

Mi permetto di essere il primo... E' il punto di vista del programmatore e quello del commerciale...
Gravatar # re: Two ways of looking at the same problem
by Gian Maria at 27/07/2010 13:53

Curioso, proprio stamattima stavo riflettendo sui vari modi di considerare i problemi ed in generale sui rapporti con il cliente e trovo questo post :)

peccato che spesso sia difficile metterlo in pratica :)

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