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The Secret Powers of Time

How we can looks at the present and at the past. And appreciate what is. How we can think about the consequences of our actions. And imagine how future might be. How can we plan our future. Design and determine what should be and how to do it. A nice video about the different cultures of time with an interesting prospective on the North and the South of Italy and the Lega party. Source: this post by Yves Hanoulle Tags :  Team Work | Agile | Leadership | Motivazione | Traduci al ITALIANO >>>


Traduci al ITALIANO >>> Kanban prescribes 3 rules: Visualize the workflow Split the work into pieces, write each item on a card and put on the wall Use named columns to illustrate where each item is in the workflow. Limit WIP (work in progress) – assign explicit limits to how many items may be...

Upcoming Agile events!

Conferencia Agile-Spain 2010, Madrid, 10-11 June - 1st International Workshop on eXtreme Programming and Applications September 15, 2010 Bozen-Bolzano, Italy Paper submissions:   June 25, 2010 - Tags :  Team Work | Agile | Eventi | Progettazione Software |

Scrum e la pratica dei self-organizing & self-managing team

Translate into ENGLISH >>> Scrum prescrive delle cose molto pratiche, concrete e semplici per i self-organizing team. Allo Scrum Master assegna il ruolo del manager del processo, non del team. Con Team si intende le persone direttamente e attivamente coninvolte nella esecusione dei task di realizzazione degli Item delllo Sprint Backlog e nel raggiungimento del Goal dello Sprint. Annoto le principali cose che Scrum prevede esplicitamente: Il Team é l'unico responsabile di condurre il Daily Scrum meeting, di tenerlo sotto i 15 minuti, di rispondere alle 3 domande e di produrre la lista degli impedimenti...

L'arte di programmare, codice e pensieri

Translate into ENGLISH >>> Segnalo due link decisamente interessanti dove ci sono argomenti molto pratici e concreti e codice per esercitazioni pratiche: Resi disponibili da Matteo Vaccari Tags :  Team Work | Agile | Pratiche | Progettazione Software |

Impersonator pattern

Traduci al ITALIANO >>> The impersonator pattern is a testing architecture pattern. It deals with the problem of performing integration and functional tests over unstable, slow, not always available,  data-changing or inexistent integration environments by providing an implementation which mimics the exact protocols and semantics of those environments while requiring minimal resources and providing full control over execution and managed data. Read @ Tags :  Agile | Pratiche | Progettazione Software |

Spirito di squadra e mentalita vincente

Non sono Interista (be come italiano all'estero in caso di finale con una squadra Italiana, si sono anche Interista) ma questa vittoria della Champion é il risultato di uno spirito di squadra e di una mentalitá vincente. Avendolo vissuto in prima persona é facile riconoscerlo. Ed é un ingrediente utilissimo per il successo del lavoro in team nello sviluppo sw. Magari la passione del calcio torna utile anche nello sviluppo sw :) Update 24 Maggio: una ricerca scientifica a dimostrazione di questa intuizione, i dettagli qui: Tactile Communication, Cooperation and Performance: An Ethological Study of the NBA, Tags :  Team...

Multi-sensing success

Traduci al ITALIANO >>> We are learning machines and a fundamental skill that we have is the ability to naturally discern a success from a failure. This is what enable us to learn from experience. This is the first sense. For example we see that the team on the left is more engaged, involved and collaborative so is probably exploiting the team potential while the team on the right looks less interested, a little bored and detached so is probably not performing at his best. This is a qualitative first impression. Are we sure that it can tell...

Modern Leadership

A short excerpt from this article here: Tags :  Team Work | Agile | Lean Agile | Leadership | Team | Creatività | Innovazione | Team building |

Learning in the modern Enterprise

Moving from Formal to Informal Learning Memo: - Asking questions - Observation, Trial & Error - Job shadowing/rotation - Simulations - Study Group Tags :  Team Work | Agile | Pratiche | Creatività | Innovazione |

Fear driven programming

Traduci al ITALIANO >>> Fear driven programming:  /fɪə(r) draɪvn prəʊgræmɪŋ / noun definition: copy-paste, add a new flag and a new IF, never change/delete code, put new classes in a new project/code repository Treatment: To enable code-base-wide refactoring and deletion of unused code: merge all repos in one repo, replace unnecessary Reflection abuse and replace IoC (and similar) harmful XML Configcopy-paste, add a new flag and a new IF, never change/delete code, put new classes in a new project/code repositorycopy-paste, add a new flag and a...

Web Frameworks have two weaknesses

Traduci al ITALIANO >>> Web Frameworks have two weaknesses : they don’t scale beyond a certain point and, much worse, they trap you inside the framework: they are monotheistic frameworks Think about the solutions the framework you are using provides for Session data, Transaction management, Authentication or  authorization: are open and integrable with other custom solutions or do it trap you inside the framework ? If you think the web app you are working on will...

Node-level-redundancy Vs tier-level-redundancy

Leggi l'articolo: Large Web App Architecture: Yes to Thicker Stack on One Hardware Node, No to Beautiful “Redundant” Spiderwebs Tags :  Progettazione Software |

Sustainable Test-Driven Development

Traduci al ITALIANO >>> Advice on writing good tests that make development easier avoiding adding dead weight code that is hard to maintain. Covered areas: test readability, complex test data, test diagnostics, and test flexibility. Interesting session from QCon conference, who practice TDD should look this recording :) Tags :  Team Work | Agile | Pratiche |

When the ingredient of a team success is unvisible

Traduci al ITALIANO >>> Have you ever happened to walk with one of your friends or your lover. Silently, no need to ask, no need to tell, no need to talk at all, instead just feel that connection, that shared understanding ?  And the simple astonishing joy for been there, in the same place, at the same time, now, together ? If you look at things from the outside, you will * not * notice an action, a word, a sound or a noise. The ingredient that make this moment special, is simply unvisible. I know, is...

Leadership evolution: commands => rules => boundaries

Traduci al ITALIANO >>> In the beginning only the Strong Directive Leadership styles was know, then leadership style evolved and now also the Process Leadership style is known. Do you agree with this description of the evolution steps of the leadership style ? Commands: command and control often together with a shared vision and a clear goal Rules: rules proven to be effective by practice, applied with force and flexibility; generative rules ...

Why? Perche?????

Traduci al ITALIANO >>> Why spend your life developing software unless you care about doing it well?   From The pragmatic programmer Tags :  Team Work | Agile | Pratiche | Progettazione Software |