iTunes Music Library Hacking

       After hard-disk crashed I tried to restore iTunes play lists to the brand new hard-disk importing the music library xml file (menu File, Import...) exported days before (menu File, Expert Library...) for backup.

       Unfortunately iTunes Import command was not able to correctly import all the playlists: some track was silently discarged by the Import command (because some mp3 file now is on a different folder and because iTunes saved some mp3 file location with the wrong format).

       So I wrote this small command line utility  LibraryXmlVerify.exe  that check an exported iTunesMusicLibrary.xml music library, verifies the file format and the location of the music files. LibraryXmlVerify.exe reported every error of the iTunesMusicLibrary.xml so after a quick edit all the playlists now are imported without errors.


Download (719 KB): LibraryXmlVerify v1.0 (beta) 

More infos on the iTunes music library file here Hacking the iTunes Music Library

Scaricalo e lancia il .bat dei test e se hai iTunes verifica lo stato di salute della tua libreria ... e segnalami eventuali bug ;-)

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