Purtroppo Stealing the Network : How to Own a Shadow ancora non è uscito. Così, dopo aver ricevuto l'ennesima brutta notizia,  ho iniziato a girellare tra i libri proposti da Amazon.
Sorpresa, non mi offrivano libri ma un particolare Kit che ben presto sarà mio. Quella che segue è la descrizione disponibile sul sito. La cosa che mi ha convinto è stata la qualità dei componenti : Orinoco .. e sopratutto della serie Gold.

"You have heard about Wardriving: the peaceful sport and you want to go hunting for Wi-Fi hot spots and access points (APs) in your area. We have assembled everything you need to get started Wardriving with a complete and easy-to-use package of NEW hardware and software. Our packages include all NEW equipment from reputable manufacturers, nothing is used or refurbished. You will receive a powerful 802.11b wireless PCMCIA card & protective case, a 7.0 dBi magnetic mobile antenna with an integrated 5 foot cable, a magnetic desk stand, and a CD containing Wardriving software and instructions on how to go Wardriving. This package includes a NEW PCMCIA 802.11b Wi-Fi card manufactured by Orinoco (formerly Lucent.) The card has an internal 2 dBI antenna and an MC-connector to accept the magnetic mobile antenna. We have upgraded the firmware and programming in these Gold cards with the latest available (ver. 8.72) optimally tuning them for use at home or wardriving. These Gold Classic cards have both 64-bit and 128-bit WEP encryption and using Windows-98 SE, Windows-2000 or Windows XP, no special driver software is required. Our cards are NEW and include a custom-fitted protective hard plastic jewel case to safely store the Wi-Fi card when you are not Wardriving. All of our hardware is 100% tested and we warranty that it is compatible with Netstumbler."

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