ADO.NET vNext non è un ORM...

e meno male...oserei dire...lo spiega in modo cristallino Sahil Malik in questo post...

ecco un estratto:

"...rather than targeting the problem of "object to relational mapping", it targets the "conceptual to logical schema mapping...".

E poi è anche chiaro del perchè in MS non si siano dedicati a scrivere un ORM...mica potevano competere! :-)

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I am sorry but this is a silly comment. Comparing NHibernate to ADO.NET vNext is like comparing apples to oranges.

Of course, I could have completely misunderstood you - my italian is quite terrible :-)

Left by Sahil Malik on ott 13, 2006 6:28

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I don't understand what are you referring to.
Anyway I agree and Giancarlo (as I discussed with him) agree with me ;-)
Left by Raffaele Rialdi on ott 13, 2006 10:10

# re: ADO.NET vNext non è un ORM...

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This post it was a bit provocative, and specially direct to those persons who think that vNext is "the ORM" of Microsoft house.
Hence I think indeed in a strategic use of two frameworks (converter of query Dlink in Nhibernate HQL that would carry the power of syntax control in compilation time, for example).

You have done well to specify that and NH are not the same thing.
Both me and Raffaele, we agree with you. We have spoken a long time ago of it.

Thanks Sahil,and thanks Raf!
Left by Giancarlo Sudano on ott 13, 2006 11:31

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