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Novità in TFS2008 SP1

Ecco il solito post di Brian Harry (rientrato dal periodo sabbatico durante il quale ha sistemato la sua fattoria...) sul futuro di TFS, in particolare sull'imminente SP1 di TFS2008:

The stream of new stuff coming out for VS/VSTS/TFS 2008 continues! - see my recent post on an update to the TFS Power Tools.  It is time for me to tell you about what is coming in TFS 2008 SP1.  The release of the Beta is very close (as always, don't ask me for a date but if you want to play with it when it comes out, start figuring out how you are going to find the time :)).

TFS 2008 SP1 is going to be another fantastic release.  In TFS 2005 SP1, we started the tradition of adding small, tactical features that address common customer requests or enable delivering new value out of band.  In TFS 2008 SP1, that practice has gone into overdrive and we are delivering a ton of great new stuff for you.  Keeping with the theory that an SP should always be better (more stable, faster, etc) than what came before it, we continue to focus on tactical "low risk" improvements that are primarily based on customer feedback.  We leave the big game changing, major new scenario features for our major releases.

Leggete il resto alla fonte: Team Foundation Server 2008 SP1 Preview

C'è talmente tanta carne al fuoco nel SP1 che avrebbero potuto chiamarlo TFS2008 R2!!!

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