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Rilasciati i nuovi Power Tool per TFS... e questa volta sono VERAMENTE uno spettacolo!!!

Questi Power Tool necessitano del Team Explorer 2008, ma funzionano sia su TFS2005, sia su TFS2008:

There are actually 2 downloads for this Power Tools release.  You can read below for details as to why.

TFS 2008 March '08 Power Tools

64-bit TFS 2008 Sharepoint extensions installer

In addition to the new features listed, we have fixed quite a few Power Tools bugs.  I don't have a complete list to share but I'm told there are some very important fixes that you will want if you use the Power Tools.  The new features include:

  • Process Template Editor support for custom work item controls
  • TFSServerManager client - Long ago, I posted screen shots of the TFSServerManager tool we've written to monitor what's going on in a TFS server.
  • TFS BPA support for Windows Server 2008
  • Work Item Template improvement 
  • Scriptable Team Project creation
  • Support for 64-bit Sharepoint farms
  • Unshelve to a different branch - tfpt unshelve now supports a new option "tfpt unshelve /migrate" that will unshelve a shelveset to a different branch than it was originally authored in.
  • Improvements to tfpt review
  • Delete global lists in the work item tracking system - tfpt destroygl now allows you to delete global lists from the work item tracking system. 
  • Update bound Microsoft Office docs when the TFS server name changes
  • Performance improvements in tfpt online

I mentioned TFS 2008 SP1 in this post briefly.  As I said, I'll be blogging about it soon and I really can't wait.  The list of improvements is HUGE - probably twice the size of this list.  Add that to the new version of Team System Web Access that's being previewed now (see my earlier post) and it's an exciting time for VSTS 2008 users.


Fonte: March '08 Team Foundation Server Power Tools Released

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