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Usare il MSSCCI di TFS 2008 con MS Access 2007

Io non uso Access, ma ecco alcune note per usarlo con TFS, occhio soprattutto alla seconda parte (da me evidenziata):

I have played a little with MS Access 2007, verifying that it's working with TFS Msscci 2008. In order to get SCC integration, you need to install Access Developer Extension - a add-in that allows Access to use any Msscci provider (and a few other goodies).

Access does not allow you to change SCC provider, so if you have installed a few of them on your machine, you may check my other blog post:

The unfortunate problem, which we plan to fix in the next release of TFS Msscci is the fact that Access (the same way as VB6) verifies if item is checked out by somebody else, before allowing user to perform checkout. The problem is that we tell that file is checked out even if the pending change exists only in the shelveset, not in the actual workspace. This makes using Access and shelvesets in the same time very hard.

Fonte: Msscci 2008 with MS Access 2007

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