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Cosa farà ora ISO con OpenXML

Il sottocomitato che ha preso in carico OOXML è lo stesso che ha preso in carico ODF, e la cosa bella è che oltre a far evolvere i due standard, ha creato un gruppo di lavoro per l'interoperabilità e l'armonizzazione dei due standard. GRANDE!

...Significantly the designated maintenance body for OOXML - SC34 - is also responsible for ISO/IEC 26300 (the Open Document Format standard). Information available following the semi-annual meeting of ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC34 in Oslo, Norway indicates that the subcommittee intends to create three distinct Working Groups within SC34 :

  • A Working Group for Open XML
  • A Working Group for ODF
  • A Working Group for interoperability/harmonization between document format standards.

This is encouraging and should be a reminder to all that the Open XML standard will be controlled by the international community not by any commercial business or other organisation - including Microsoft.

...CUT... For further information on the Oslo meeting and its outcomes see

Fonte: ISO Takes Control of OOXML

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