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Quando è necessario lanciare Virtual PC come Administrator

Bellissimo post di Ben sul perchè in alcuni casi è necessario usare Virtual PC come amministratori:

  1. Using ping (or other ICMP based tools) over shared networking.
    ...Note that this does not affect virtual machines that are using a direct connection to the physical network adapter.
  2. Using or converting linked virtual hard disks.
    Linked virtual hard disks require us to open a handle to the raw physical disk object (and bypass the Windows file system).  As this mechanism could also be used to bypass file system security it is restricted to administrative processes only.
  3. Accessing copy protected CDs.
    ...If Virtual PC is not running as an administrative process access to normal CDs will function correctly - as will data access to copy protected CDs - however any software that attempts to check the authenticity of a copy protected CD will fail.
  4. Configuring the Virtual PC security options.
    Configuring the Virtual PC security options requires that we change registry keys stored in the Local Machine registry hive.  The values are stored here so that non-administrative users cannot undo security settings changes made by an administrative user.

Now remember that under Windows Vista Virtual PC will be running as a non-administrative process even if you are using an administrative account.  To get these features to work under Vista you need to right click on the Virtual PC icon in the start menu and select 'Run as administrator' (with the exception of the Virtual PC security options where we will prompt you to give administrative approval if you are not running as administrator).

Ricordatevi però che su Vista il drag&drop tra una finestra che gira con permessi più alti e il desktop non funziona più, quindi dovete trovare altre strade (shared folders, share di rete, etc...) per scambiare i file con la virtual machine.

Fonte: Things that Virtual PC needs to be run as Administrator for...

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