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CodeBetter perde un altro pezzo...

Sarà colpa dei "fanatismi" e degli "acronomi facili"?

...In the last 6 months or so though, I've noticed a lot of negativity in the feed and coming in from our readership.  Where once we used to focus on positive aspects of the community and helping developers of all skill levels become better at their jobs, I noticed the perception rising that many posts on this feed are elitist, confrontational, and overly negative.  I'm saddened to say that I agree with these readers, and it saddens and angers me to lose readership over this.  I want to go back to the basics and blog on a site that is about helping developers, not about evangalizing the acronym of the day, or drawing lines in the sand between "us" and "them", and builds the fellowship and closeness of community that I dreamed of when I first entered into the blogosphere...

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Eric mi è sempre piaciuto... sottoscritto il nuovo blog!

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# re: CodeBetter perde un altro pezzo...

Se anche i teologi se ne vanno da Codebetter...
... non c'è più religione!
13/11/2007 12:39 | Alesssandro Scardova
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