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TFS to TFS Migration Tool preview disponibile su CodePlex

Dopo il tool per migrare da WSS a TFS, eccone uno da TFS ad un altro TFS. Questo abilita una serie di scenari prima molto complicati. A Barcellona nei tempi morti lo proverò per vedere quanto è applicabile.

For those people interested in the Migration and Sync Toolkit or for people that just want to be able to move source code and work items between TFS servers/projects, check out the TFS to TFS Migration Tool.  Currently, it is available only as a prerelease while we continue to test with customers.  You can learn more on the CodePlex project page:

This tool was built using the Migration and Sync Toolkit, so it should prove to be useful for anyone that is writing a custom migration tool.  We have received some comments in the past about the WSS to TFS sample tools containing too much WSS specific code that makes it hard to understand the toolkit.  Although this tool has plenty of TFS specific code, it will probably more closely resemble a tool built to integrate with another version control or work item tracking system.  There is also a GUI built on top of the tool to make configuration easier, which also serves as a good example of how to build a configuration layer for a custom migration tool.

Fonte: TFS to TFS Migration Tool Released on CodePlex

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# re: TFS to TFS Migration Tool preview disponibile su CodePlex

Non sono riuscito a trovare nulla invece che faccia un porting da Serena Change Dimsnsions 9.1 a TFS.
31/10/2007 12:24 | Tommaso Caldarola
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