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Cosa cambia nel nuovo download di TFS2008 Beta2 e altre news

Ve ne parlavo giovedì e ora Brian ha postato le novità incluse in questa "technical refresh".

Yesterday we released a refreshed build of TFS 2008 Beta 2.  Why did we do this?  The reason is that we have had a fair number of reports of installation issues.  Our installation process is instrumented with Dr. Watson logging and will send information about successes and failures and logs on the errors that were hit for us to analyze.  In those logs, we've seen a few significant issues.  But even more importantly, we discovered that logging was disabled on a portion of the TFC installer and that we were unable to diagnose a class of failures as a result.

...In the next week, we should have our second round of TFS Beta 2 patches available...

...In mid-Oct we are going to be producing our first release candidate build.  We will not be distributing this broadly but we will be making it available for a handfull of external customers to try.  If you are interested in trying this, send me your email address and details about your configuration - OS, topology, WSS version, new install/upgrade, etc...

Fonte: Updates to TFS 2008 Beta 2

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