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Thirteen Blog Clichés

Un post veramente interessante, me lo ero annotato un po' di tempo fa... ma ora è giunto il momento di riproporlo, l'ho letto bene, ho ragionato un po', ho pensato alle cose su cui non concordavo, e ora... ecco le mie opinioni:

  1. The Useless Calendar Widget

    ...The calendar widget is the vestigial tail of blog engines, evidence of our primordial ancestors. But we've evolved; it's time to lose the tail. Surely there's something more useful we could put in that space...

    C'è davvero qualcuno che ha cliccato sul calendario per selezionare un post in una data particolare? Ma dai...

  1. Random Images Arbitrarily Inserted In Text

    ...As the old adage goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. But you should no more insert a random image into your writing than you would insert a thousand random words into your writing. I don't care how beautiful your photographs are, it's a terrible, irresponsible practice that distracts and harms readability...

    Beh... è un po' come "le letteronze" che andavano di moda su UGI un po' di tempo fa... o no? smile_regular

  2. No Information on the Author

    When I find well-written articles on blogs that I want to cite, I take great pains to get the author's name right in my citation. If you've written something worth reading on the internet, you've joined a rare club indeed, and you deserve proper attribution. It's the least I can do...

    Un link al mio CV è presente cliccando la foto e il link sottostante.

  3. Excess Flair

    Blogs work because they're simple. When we clutter up our blogs with a zillion widgets, features, and add-ons, we're destroying an essential part of what makes blogs worthwhile.

    Bookmark at these sites

    Come non essere d'accordo... se voglio diggare, emailare, tecnocratare, calciare, mandare a quel paese, o usare uno qualsiasi di quei cosi Web 2.0, trovo RSS reader o un'estensione che lo fa... ma aggiungere tutte ste cose ai Feed... è solo un enorma spreco di spazio... e poi devo ripulirle ogni volta che linko qualcosa...

  4. The Giant Blogroll

    ...Citing your references and influences is a great and necessary thing, but obsessively listing every single blog you read-- the so-called "blogroll"--  is just noise...

    Sarà che nessuno mi linka smile_cry... ma penso che è più semplice seguire chi cito, piuttosto che vedere una lista non aggiornata di cose che leggevo tanto tempo fa...

  5. The Nebulous Tag Cloud

    ...The perception is that tag cloud visualizations are cool, like badges of honor for the tagging club. The reality is that tag cloud visualizations are chaotic, noisy, and unusable. Keep the tagging, lose the cloud. A simple sorted list of tags, along with the number of posts associated with each tag, is much more effective.

    Concordo... anche perchè spesso sono solo un casino da leggere...

  6. Excessive Advertisements

    ...It is almost never in the reader's interest to see advertisements, so my advice is to tread very lightly, and be respectful of your audience. Bad advertising is so prevalent that if you take the time to advertise responsibly, you may find that readers appreciate you for it.

    Per fortuna non ne vedo tanti così...

  7. This Ain't Your Diary

    ...Even my wife isn't particularly interested in the minutiae of what I do every day. Why would I expect my readers to be?...


  8. Sorry I Haven't Written in a While

    If you haven't posted anything new to your blog in a while, don't waste our time with apologies.

    Sembra uno dei miei messaggi sulla newsletter VSTS Italia... ma non si dovrebbe fare...

  9. Blogging About Blogging

    ...If you accept the premise that most of your readers are not bloggers, then it's highly likely they won't be amused, entertained, or informed by a continual stream of blog entries on the art of blogging. Even if they're filled with extra bloggy goodness...

    Questo non credo sia un gran problema...

  10. Mindless Link Propagation

    ...If everyone knows about it, what value does that information have?...
    ...if everyone else is talking about it, that means you should avoid talking about it. Switch things up. Seek out uncommon sites with unique information. Dig down to original sources and read the material everyone is commenting (comments on top of comments on top of comments) endlessly on...

    Questa è una questione di evoluzione... credo.

  11. Top (n) Lists

    Yes, exactly like this one.

    Dipende, in generale non ne faccio quasi mai, e quindi...

  12. No Comments Allowed

    A blog without comments is not a blog.

    Io ODIO i blog che non accettano commenti... salvo "emergenze" non dovrebbe mai succedere... a meno di "slashdottizzazione" naturalmente...

Fonte: Thirteen Blog Clichés

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