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TFSBuildLab beta 2 for TFS 2005

Nuova versione del tool che punta ad aggiungere feature alla Team Build di TFS2005 per "allinearle" almeno in parte a quelle della 2008.

What is new in Beta 2?

   Support for tracing using trace listeners
   Made automatic notification registration optional
   Removed the need for LDAP to resolve email for notifications

Admin Client

    Context menus with refresh commands
    Full screen mode (press F11 to toggle)
    Added hosting of reports in the dashboard
    Minimize to tray
    Sorting possibilities on the contents of the grids
    Added Edit trigger/policy
    Added Copy trigger/policy

Notification Client

    Added support for executing alert commands
    Notifications occurs when a build starts as well


    A policy for restricting checkins based on a source control path
    A policy for restricting checkins when the build is broken
    A policy for requiring a comment when performing a checkin

Fonte: TFSBuildLab beta 2 for TFS 2005

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