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Microsoft eScrum Version 1.0

Un altro template da provare... uff... dura la vita... fortuna che stasera se magna la carnazza... vero gemello mio? smile_regular 

If you're looking for another Scrum template to try with Team Foundation Server, consider using eScrum, which is an implementation of Scrum that's used internally by some teams within Microsoft:

eScrum is a Web-based, end-to-end project management tool for Scrum built on the Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server platform. It provides multiple ways to interact with your Scrum project: eScrum Web-based UI, Team Explorer, and Excel or Project, via Team Foundation Office Integration. In addition, it provides a single place for all Scrum artifacts such as product backlog, sprint backlog, task management, retrospective, and reports with built-in context sensitive help.

Source: Download details: Microsoft eScrum Version 1.0

In addition, take a look at the VSTS Scrum Process Template on CodePlex, which is under the guidance of several Team System MVPs.

Fonte: Now Available: Microsoft eScrum Version 1.0

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