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Serve davvero la Keyword Expansion?

E' una delle feature che aveva SourceSafe (e che hanno anche altri prodotti) e che non ci sono più in TFS. Ma servono veramente? Se lo chiede Martin, e se avete qualche motivo per cui pensate siano utili, lasciate un feedback!

...CUT... I say that every source control system "until recently" supported keyword expansion.  Over the past couple of years there has been a notable exception - the version control provided by Team Foundation Server does not have this capability.  I found this very surprising at first - just because I expected to have them at my disposal, I never stopped to ask why I wanted them.

The reason why I used to want them was because I used to review code by printing it out on candy stripe paper and taking it along to a code review meeting.  Also, my source control tool was always a separate (frequently hard to use) application that meant me swapping tools and then finding the file I was working on in that separate application when all I wanted to know was to who to talk to about the line of code I was looking at. 

...CUT... Yet I still miss it.  Does anyone out there have a reason why they *need* keyword substitution as part of their software development process, or is it just one of those things that you've always done that has long lost the value?

Fonte: Why have Keyword Expansion?

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