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Convertire una macchina virtuale da VmWare a VPC/VS

Ecco una guida su come convertire una macchina virtuale da VmWare a Virtual PC/Virtual Server: 

Dugie has more info in his blog entry "VMware to Microsoft Virtual Machine Conversions with VMDK2VHD".  A snippet is below:

Anyway I've run through a conversion and it worked a treat.  I used the 'Dugie-thumb-in-the-air' guide below:
  • 'Scrub' the VMware Image using the first half of that very fine guide from Chris Wolf  over at
  • Use VMDK2VHD to convert the VMDK virtual disk to to a VHD
  • Create a new VMC with roughly the same hardware (IDE drives, etc, etc) in Virtual PC 2007
  • Attach your newly created and converted VHD
  • Power up you new VMC, login and wait (a few minutes) for *all* the new hardware to be detected
  • I clicked cancel to the new hardware driver wizard
  • I also clicked no to the reboot - hey livin on the edge here
  • Install the Virtual Machine additions (v13.724)
  • Reboot
  • Let the hardware wizard run
  • Tada!

Also refer to the post "Can I import VMware Virtual Machines into Virtual PC or Virtual Server?"

Source: Can I convert a VMDK to a VHD?

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Print | posted on giovedì 14 dicembre 2006 11:06 |



# re: Convertire una macchina virtuale da VmWare a VPC/VS

Non ci crederai ma proprio questa mattina dovevo fare una ricerca di questo tipo :o
14/12/2006 12:00 | Vito Arconzo

# re: Convertire una macchina virtuale da VmWare a VPC/VS

Per quanto imho sia molto più utile il contrario :D

Ecco, l'ho detto! AIUT!!!!
14/12/2006 13:23 | Marco De Sanctis

# Re: Convertire una macchina virtuale da VmWare a VPC/VS

x Marco De Sanctis:
se l'avessi scritto io, Lorenzo mi avrebbe annientato!
14/12/2006 16:40 | Igor Damiani
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