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Team Foundation Server Roadmap

Finalmente Brian ha pubblicato pubblicamente la roadmap contenente l'evoluzione di TFS: 


  • Hot fixes
  • SP1
  • Vista GDR
  • SP2 – There is some discussion of doing a TFS SP2 in mid 2007 but no decision has been made yet.

TFS Power Tools

  • Vista Side bar widget
  • Operations tools
  • Process Template Editor
  • Checkin policy pack
  • MSSCCI Provider ImprovementsWe have another release coming in Nov/Dec that will add support for TOAD (Tools for Oracle Application Development) and branched projects.  We’ll continue to expand the list of supported IDEs and add small features.
  • Report pack
  • Work item templates
  • And this is just a start

Major Releases


Overall, Orcas is a “minor” release for TFS.

Administration, Operations & Setup

  • Share Point 2007 support
  • Enable use of a separate Share Point farm.
  • Support for SQL Named Instances
  • “Longhorn” server support
  • Sync Large Groups
  • Installation on a domain controller
  • Improvements to TFS Trial
  • Non-default ports & web sites
  • Simplify installation
  • Support for client certificates
  • Upgrade from TFS 2005


  • Support multi-threaded builds with the new MSBuild.
  • Continuous Integration
  • Improved ability to specify what source, versions of source, and other build properties.
  • Improved extensibility of the build targets
  • Improved ability to manage multiple build machines.
  • Stop and delete builds from within VS.
  • .NET Object model for programming against the build server.
  • Simplified ability to specify what tests get run as part of a build.
  • The ability to story build definitions anywhere in the version control hierarchy.

Data Warehouse

  • Add support for checkin policy overrides to the warehouse (an oversight from V1).


  • Migration toolkit – Orcas will include a toolkit for building conversion and mirroring solutions between TFS and other systems.

Version Control

  • Annotate
  • Folder Diff
  • Destroy
  • Get Latest On Checkout
  • Workspace improvements
  • Performance improvements
  • Scale improvements

Work Item Tracking

  • Performance & Scale improvements

Bug fixes


As Orcas is an adoption focused release, we have put a lot of emphasis on compatibility with VS2005.  We are striving for near 100% compatibility.  The Orcas client will be able to work with a VS2005 server and a VS2005 client will be able to work with an Orcas server.  There are only a few compatibility issues.

The release after Orcas

I’m not going to talk much about post Orcas details and I’m certainly not going to speculate about dates.  At this point we are mostly talking about post Orcas work in terms of “value propositions”.  Value propositions identify scenarios or capabilities that we want to invest in.  The set of value propositions that we choose for a given release are based on a great deal of customer feedback (forums, blogs, advisory councils, sales engagements, customer research, etc) and our strategic direction.  Before talking about the value props that we’ve identified for the release after Orcas, let me say a few words about our strategic direction.

Leggete tutto alla Fonte: Team Foundation Server Roadmap

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