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Windows Mobile Device Center e Vista RC1...

Se come me vi siete chiesti come configurare Pocket PC e/o Smartphone con Vista RC1, in questo post la risposta... bisogna aspettare ancora un po'...

Microsoft released Vista RC1 last week and some of you are already using it. If you use a Pocket PC or Smartphone device, you may be disappointed to find that the Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) is missing from Vista RC1. I've seen a few posts about this on various forums so I got some clarification from the team working on WMDC...CUT...

In order to get full ActiveSync functionality, visit Windows Update when your Windows Mobile device is connected to the Vista machine. This will get you a free download that contains the full WMDC client...CUT...There's just one little problem. If you try Windows Update today, it will not detect the WMDC download... CUT...

She explained that they're still working on some critical issues which make it necessary to restrict public testing. Judging from the steady stream of people walking in and out of her office all day, it looks like Lydia's team is working as hard as possible to resolve those issues and release WMDC publicly to Vista RC1 testers very soon.

Leggete tutto alla fonte: Windows Mobile Device Center missing in Vista RC1?

Print | posted on sabato 9 settembre 2006 03:42 |



# re: Windows Mobile Device Center e Vista RC1...

Significa che forse dopo un paio di mesi di ActiveSync "manuale" riuscirò nuovamente a sincronizzare il mio PocketPC automaticamente...
Ciao Lorenzo!
09/09/2006 14:04 | Gerardo Fransecky

# re: Windows Mobile Device Center e Vista RC1...

Speriamo si sbrighino... Ciao!!!
09/09/2006 23:35 | Lorenzo Barbieri

# E' uscita la ActiveSync 4.5 Beta 2 per Windows XP

19/09/2006 02:56 | Lorenzo Barbieri @ UGIblogs!

# [Vista] Un paio di segnalazioni interessanti

26/09/2006 13:02 | Crad's .NET Blog

# re: Windows Mobile Device Center e Vista RC1...

shjsytw djklslasa jyehgkls
02/02/2007 23:01 | Zozadoo shadow
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