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Chi vuole provare un nuovo motore di Continuous Integration per TFS?

Beh... leggete qua sotto se vi interessa l'argomento...

At Readify we (well, one guy mostly) have been building a continuous integration extension for Team Foundation Server. Obviously building a continuous integration extension for Team Foundation Server is pretty straight-forward but what we have done is try to simplify the process by removing the dependency on IIS (but we do rely on .NET 3.0 BETA 2 currently – for WCF).

The other significant feature is that you don’t need to use BisSubscribe.exe, just install the service onto a seperate build server (we don’t recommend putting it onto the same box running the application or data tiers just yet because of the BETA dependency). When the extension starts up (runs as a service) then it will self register with the TFS event notifications service.

We are already using this build internally and it is working great! We still have a few issues we want to address before putting it out there for wider distribution, but it is certainly a functional piece of software. If you want to try it out just leave a comment on this post or shoot me an e-mail directly at

Fonte: Who would like to test our Continuous Integration server for Team Foundation Server?

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