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MSDE non è supportato su Vista...

Quindi preparatevi a migrare a Sql Server Express...

MSDE is the free lightweight version of SQL Server 2000 which many ISV use as part of their overall architecture - typically for roaming users or "edge" data synch. Its limitations are that it is purely a database engine with no management tools, it has a maximum size of 2GB and it has a workload governor that seriously inhibits throughput. Oh - and.... it will not be supported on Windows Vista. Thankfully we have a much better alternative - SQL Server 2005 Express...

Continua alla fonte: Time to move on from MSDE to SQL Server 2005 Express (you do want to run on Windows Vista - don't you?)

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# re: MSDE non è supportato su Vista...

Segnalazione di importanza cruciale!

Grazie Lorenzo
12/07/2006 21:53 | Mario Duzioni

# re: MSDE non è supportato su Vista...

12/07/2006 23:49 | Lorenzo Barbieri
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