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Rilasciato Paint.NET 2.64

E' disponibile Paint.NET 2.64...

Questi mi miglioramenti: 

  • Improved GIF save quality by implementing Floyd-Steinburg error diffusion algorithm
  • Printing now works in Windows Vista
  • Fixed a startup performance problem on some systems that was an artifact of the way the .NET Framework was verifying Authenticode signatures as part of its assembly loading process
  • Executable files now have UAC manifests to ensure proper execution privilege and to disable file and registry virtualization in Windows Vista

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Print | posted on martedì 11 luglio 2006 00:00 |



# re: Rilasciato Paint.NET 2.64

Il link per il download non funziona ....
12/07/2006 20:57 | Andrea

# re: Rilasciato Paint.NET 2.64

Grazie... sistemato
12/07/2006 23:52 | Lorenzo Barbieri
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