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[VOTMDB] Tra poco potremo diventare invisibili?

Altre che James Bond, gli XMan o Herry Potter... certo... ce ne vorrà ancora tanta di strada... soprattutto per nascondere corpi complessi in ogni direzione... mah...

Sperando che non sia una bufala...

The Globe and Mail reports that:

Researchers in Britain and the United States have published a theoretical blueprint for constructing an invisibility cloak using revolutionary new materials engineered to bend light and other electromagnetic waves in ways not seen in nature.

MIT Technology review also has a good article and this cool diagram on the topic.

Blue cloaking "metamaterial" is able to bend light around an object (orange circle),
ensuring it casts no shadow or reflection. (Credit: D. Schurig, Duke University.)

Fonte: Scientists Pull Disappearing Act

Print | posted on sabato 27 maggio 2006 00:03 | Filed Under [ VOTMDB ]

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