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TreeDiff per Team Foundation Server...

Un tool molto utile per confrontare due alberature (branch, cartelle, build, etc...) sotto Team Foundation Server Source Control:

I often need to answer some seemingly simple questions like:

What has changed between these two builds?

How do the contents of these two branches deviate?

What % of the files in a child branch have deltas from the parent branch?


The following example diffs a project at a specific changeset with a branch of that project at the tip.  It shows that 5 files have been changed but none added or deleted.

> treediff.exe "$/MyTeamProject/Project1;C30006" "$/MyTeamProject/Project1Branch;T"

comment: Downloading items for path $/MyTeamProject/Project1

comment: Downloading items for path $/MyTeamProject/Project1Branch

comment: Diffing item sets

diff: "$/MyTeamProject/Project1/Src/Core/Client.cs" - "$/MyTeamProject/Project1Branch/Src/Core/Client.cs"

diff: "$/MyTeamProject/Project1/Src/Core/Command.cs" - "$/MyTeamProject/Project1Branch/Src/Core/Command.cs"

diff: "$/MyTeamProject/Project1/Src/Results/Changes.cs" - "$/MyTeamProject/Project1Branch/Src/Results/Changes.cs"

diff: "$/MyTeamProject/Project1/Src/Results/Describe.cs" - "$/MyTeamProject/Project1Branch/Src/Results/Describe.cs"

diff: "$/MyTeamProject/Project1/Src/Results/Integrated.cs" - "$/MyTeamProject/Project1Branch/Src/Results/Integrated.cs"

summary: Compared 50 items

summary: Same: 45

summary: Diff: 5

summary: Right Only: 0

summary: Left Only: 0

Continua alla fonte, con anche i sorgenti: Diffing two trees in TFS version control

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