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The law of large code bases...

Concordo in pieno con quest'articolo... ho anche altre riflessioni... ma la mano "dolorante" che mi ritrovo mi impedisce di scrivere troppo...

...CUT...If you come from a small scale software shop, or only have a couple of customers, it might seem like all fixes take about 2 hours and can be released the afternoon after you compile it.  After all if it doesn't work just apologize and try something else the next day.  Ahhh the good old days. ...CUT... But things are of a bit of a different scale if your site or software works in different languages, runs on different systems, support millions of users, etc.

Here's an interesting article about how much work can go into a "five-lines of code" feature.

Interestingly, none of this thinking is really new - Brookes wrote the Mythical Man Month some time ago and really not a lot has changed in that time.  Old hands in software development know about this stuff.  But maybe entire generations have grown up without learning the complexities of large projects.  I personally think it would be instructive

Another good article here on fixing bugs:

And a video on "bug triage" - how do you decide what to do with bug reports when they come in thick and fast?

Ahh... all that complexity... it's almost enough to stop me from missing late night code writing sessions... 

Il grassetto l'ho aggiunto io perchè sono convinto che ha centrato in pieno il punto...

Fonte: The law of large code bases...

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