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View Source in Internet Explorer

Ecco un post molto interessante per capire come funziona il View Source di IE e anche il Save As, e come fare invece per vedere il codice "attuale" della pagina:

Peter van Ooijen did a post recently on how SmartNavigation screws with using View Source (or Save As) in IE. Now, Pete's a nice guy, and I mean no offense to him whatsoever, but I couldn't help but respond - In this aspect, SmartNavigation is not to blame here

I've seen a lot of people of people commenting about how buggy SmartNavigation is and why you don't want to use it, and I'm not disagreeing with any of them - I've never used the feature myself, but if they say so, then I believe them. However, if using View Source comes up different, what you're seeing is an IE behaviour, and has nothing to do with SmartNavigation screwing things up.


Rather than make the files yourself and deal with cutting and pasting, you can download the script and registry files from my Project Distributor group.

Leggete il resto alla fonte: Why is my HTML different?

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