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Approach to Process Customization with TFS

Ecco una serie di note su come customizzare i processi/workitem/etc... in Team Foundation Server:

If you are going to customize your process templates, I propose the following based on my lessons learned:

  1. Perform process customizations on a development/test environment and import the process templates onto your production servers AFTER they've been debugged.  It is possible to define work item fields incorrectly and not be able to fix it later, so don't break your production server.  For that matter, Virtual PC is great for this because of undo disks.
  2. Assuming work items are a big part of your customization, create a scratch team project for customizing the work items.  This project should be based on the process template that you're going to customize (e.g., MSF for Agile Software Development).
  3. Use WITIMPORT and WITEXPORT to refine your work item definitions within that scratch project.  (Check under the Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE\PrivateAssemblies if you need to find the path.)
  4. If you get into trouble with a incorrectly defined field, use WITFIELDS (same path) to delete it.
  5. If you need to revise the MS Project field mapping, use TFSFieldMapping (also in the PrivateAssemblies path).

[continua... ci sono una 20a di passi]

In addition, I didn't discuss the process guidance.  There is a separate tool and the use of InfoPath to ease the generation of the process guidance web pages.  But that is a detailed post unto itself.

Fonte: Approach to Process Customization with TFS

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