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Enterprise Library and Object Builder

Un post molto interessante sull'Object Builder di EntLib 2.0:

One of the biggest areas of change between this new version of Enterprise Library and the original version, shipped a year ago, is our configuration system. The original configuration system, written (and rewritten 3x) by Scott Densmore, worked tremendously well, but was custom-written just for Enterprise Library. In our newer version, we’ve adopted a more reusable framework on which to base our configuration system. This framework, called Object Builder, is a reusable, configurable dependency injection and object creation pipeline written as part of the CAB project by Peter Provost and Brad Wilson, with lots of goals donated by Ed Jezierski. As part of our code reuse initiative, we decided it would be a good idea if both CAB and Enterprise Library could ship with a similar underlying infrastructure, just so we have a better common story to tell between the two projects.

Brief discussion of what Object Builder is

Object Builder (OB) is, as I mentioned previously, is basically a pipeline that allows you to customize how an object is created. You talk to it by saying something like:

    MyFoo foo = ObjectBuilder.BuildUp<MyFoo>(“FooInstanceName”);

Looks really simple, right?


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