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TFS: ma quanto mi costa?

E' una domanda che mi fanno spessissimo, e ora c'è un post che spiega tutto...

Comunque nel mese di gennaio riprenderò il discorso.

Se avete dubbi, fate come me e lasciate un commento, vediamo cosa rispondono...

How much does TFS really cost?

The final product will be launched in Feb/Mar 2006.

The retail price for the server is approx $2500. Note that this product is licenced via a Server-CAL model. The retail price for a CAL is approx $500. If you have Visual Studio Team Edition for Architects/Developers/Testers OR the Visual Studio Team Suite, you DO NOT need to purchase an additional CAL; it is built into those products. If you want to use ANY other product (Excel, Project, Visual Studio Professional Edition, 3rd-party tools, etc.) to access the TFS, you need to purchase a CAL. CALs are licensed per user and not per machine. So every user accessing the TFS using some application (except VSTEs or Suite) needs a CAL.

So the TCO for the license of TFS in a team of 10 users with each user having a Team Edition or Team Suite licence = $2500

If the 10 users only have Visual Studio Professional Edition, TCO = 10 * $500 + $2500 = $5000 + $2500 = $7500

Note that these are the retail prices. Government agencies purchase via their state-wide volume licence agreements and their price is much lower than this (Nearly 30% savings).

What should you compare this to? Compare the TCO of TFS to a SDLC tool that provides you all features like source code control, build automation, check-in policies, reporting, project portals..............etc. When you do this you will be able to get an accurate estimate of which tool is more cost effective for you.

Fonte: TFS: Total cost of ownership in $$$

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