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Released: Visual Studio 2005 SCC Plugin for gotdotnet Workspaces

Oggi è proprio la giornata dei provider per source control...

As Peter Bromberg notes, we recently released an updated source control plug for gotdotnet Workspaces that enables you to work on projects stored in gotdotnet (check in, check out, and other source control operations) from the comfort of your very own VS.NET 2005 IDE. The plugin also works in Visual Studio .NET 2003.

[Peter Bromberg]
"Kudos to GotDotNet Team: VS.NET SCC Workspaces Provider and FIX for switching!

They've been making improvements over at, not the least of which is their new SCC plugin to use the GotDotNet Workspaces source control arrangement. Not only does it work very nicely in VS.NET 2005, it also works with VS.NET 2003!

It's just like working in VSS; the only difference is that since you are working via WebServices, it's a bit slower. But everything works! Really a boon to developers who like the Gotdotnet Workspaces concept and have small groups of developers who work together on a project.

The only downside is that when you want to get a project out of your regular VSS provider, IIT BREAKS and doesn't work!

But there are several fixes, the best one I've found is Soenke Schau's Sourcecode Control Switcher.

This little tray app tells you your current provider and let's you switch at will by changing the Registry entries for you. And, you don't need to leave it running. Just put a shortcut to the desktop and bring it up when you need it."

I too like Soenke's source control switcher. For other utilities that do the same thing, see How To: Switch Source Control Providers in VS.NET (ReduxRedux). I should also note that the ability to switch source control providers, say from VSS to Gotdotnet, is now baked into VS.NET. If you have more than one scc provider registered, you can now choose the one you want to use from the Source Control menu. Call me nostaligic, but I still prefer the systray utilities. Nevertheless, it's good to have options.

Fonte: Released: Visual Studio 2005 SCC Plugin for gotdotnet Workspaces

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