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Feeds, well-formed XML and Vista

Beh... dai creatori di Internet "digerisco anche i sassi..." Explorer, un'ottima mossa... e se poi un feed non รจ well-formed... beh... che si adegui!!!

The Microsoft RSS Blog just announced that Vista will only accept RSS feeds that are well-formed XML.

I agree with Nick, who commented "This is the right thing to do, and I'm glad you're doing it - thanks". I'd like to add some emphasis to that statement though: "This is the right thing to do, and I'm glad you're doing it - thanks".

See, neither Nick's aggregator nor mine requires well-formed XML. This is because there are a lot of non-well-formed feeds out there, and the typical aggregator user doesn't care about XML specs, they just want to see the feed content. And if you're requiring well-formed XML, something as small as a single "&" in a single post will invalidate the entire feed, for as long as that post remains in the feed (which can be weeks depending on the update frequency of the feed).

Microsoft being more strict than us has the following positive results though:

  • It will most likely reduce the number of invalid feeds out there, making it easier for everyone to parse feeds.
  • Microsoft gets positive press for "doing the right thing".
  • For those feeds that still break, it may be another reason for people to look for alternative aggregators that can read that feed they're interested in.
Maybe there's an exception to Postel's law after all.

Fonte: Feeds, well-formed XML and Vista

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