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Team System Licensing White Paper

Me lo sono letto tutto... e ho voluto evidenziarne alcune parti:

User Acceptance Testing

Organizations that build software using Team System typically look for users to “acceptance test” applications before they are deployed to ensure the application meets both the specifications and needs of users. An exception is provided for this scenario; non-licensed users may access the operating system and server software solely for the purpose of user acceptance testing.

Accessing Team Foundation Server

Team Foundation Server is accessed through Team Explorer. You may install Team Explorer on as many physical devices as you like; however, it can only be used with Team Foundation Server.

Additional aspects of Team Foundation Server licensing:

·         You may buy an external connector license to allow any number of external users to access and use one of your licensed copies of the server software. “External users” refers to users that are neither (i) your or your affiliates’ employees, nor (ii) your or your affiliates’ on site contractors or agents.

Team Foundation Server CAL Requirements

A CAL is required for users or devices which:

·         Directly access Team Foundation Server or SQL Server 2005.

·         Indirectly query or write to Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server or SQL Server 2005 through another software application or device.

A CAL is not required for users who:

·         View static Team Foundation Server data that has been manually distributed outside of the server software.

·         Receive Team Foundation Server reports through e-mail and do not indirectly access the server to refresh, create, or update data.

·         Receive printed Team Foundation Server reports.

Team Foundation Server Workgroup Edition

Team Foundation Server is also available in a workgroup edition, which is limited to five users. Team Foundation Server Workgroup Edition has identical functionality to Team Foundation Server with the exception of the limitation on the number of users. Team Foundation Server Workgroup Edition is provided with Team System client products that are licensed with MSDN Premium Subscriptions. In addition, Team Foundation Server CALs are not required for accessing Team Foundation Server Workgroup Edition.

Visual Studio 2005 Team Test Load Agent

Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 Team Test Load Agent, which includes both agent and controller software, is for creating additional, synchronized load. Team Test Load Agent enables users to scale-out test load by adding more physical devices, each with the agent software installed, and synchronized by the controller software. Team Test Load Agent is licensed per processor; users must acquire a license for each processor on which Team Test Load Agent runs, regardless of the number of cores those processors have. In addition, Team Test Load Agent requires Team Edition for Software Testers to generate synchronized load and report test results.

Using the recommended hardware configuration for Team Test Load Agent, example load generation scenarios are shown in Table 5 (note that load is typically measured in concurrent virtual users).


Test Load Required

Team Edition for Testers

Team Test Load Agent

1,000 Virtual Users (VU)



5,000 VU



10,000 VU



25,000 VU



Fonte: Team System Licensing White Paper

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