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Paint.NET v2.5 Beta 4 now available

Prima di andare a dormire...

Get it here. This release was made relatively soon after Beta 3 because of some high priority bug fixes. Beta 5 is scheduled for release on October 31st, and should include some cool new features that people have been asking for over and over again.

Here is a list of additions, changes, and fixes:

  • Rotate / Zoom dialog now has controls for fine tuning
  • Clone Stamp tool now works as expected when the mouse's path crosses itself
  • Faster rendering for Move Tool when zoomed in
  • Save configuration dialog now has a progress bar when computing file size
  • Fixed various Text Tool rendering issues
  • Fixed various issues with the Colors toolform not updating properly
  • Fixed various keyboard input issues
  • Fixed crash when attempting to display .PDN thumbnails in Win2K
  • Fixed crash when saving TGA image due to settings data version mismatch

Fonte: Paint.NET v2.5 Beta 4 now available


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