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Non ci posso credere. Cosa fa fare la paura della competizione...

Senza parole...

I need to rant about this so please be aware that this is my own view and not my employer's (i.e. Microsoft).

Two weeks ago I signed up to attend a Sonic Software Architect's Forum in London. I often attend public events put on by competitors just as they attend events put on by Microsoft and my team. This is common practice in the industry. In fact we've even had folks from Oracle present at Microsoft events, e.g. TechEd Europe! And at the recent PDC we had Google participate in one of our architecture panel sessions. In public we foster open and honest communication and show respect for our competitors. In private, it's no secret, we're a tough competitor. Fair's fair.

However, last week I was 'phoned up by a Sonic Software representative and told I was not welcome at their public event? I was being de-registered immediately. What a shock; it was the first time this has happened to me and it got me thinking about why Sonic was doing this.

It's not as if I can’t find out about their ESB/SOA vision and technology from other sources, including their own customers. It's not as if Sonic Software (particularly Dave Chappell, their CTO and main speaker) is going to say anything earth-shattering about ESB/SOA in a public forum.

Is it that Sonic Software (and perhaps Dave Chappell himself) is going to say something about Microsoft and our strategy that they don’t want me to hear? Are they embarrassed I might challenge them or kick up a stink? Not likely in a public forum!

In the spirit of open and honest communication, if Sonic is positively discriminating against Microsoft (and possibly other companies too) in their public events, then they should say so at the time of registration instead of wasting our time and energy planning to attend their events.

And finally, Sonic employee, next time you attend one of Microsoft's public events - and you're very welcome to do so - please stop to think how you've been treating us, and me specifically, with blatant discrimination.

Per evitare confusioni, il David Chappel che vedete citato non è lo stesso che fa lo speaker al TechEd e ad altri eventi (Microsoft e di altri). Sono omonimi...

Source: Sonic Software Refuses Me Admission to Public Event

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# re: Non ci posso credere. Cosa fa fare la paura della competizione...

da non crederci...
che tristezza
04/10/2005 20:50 | alessio.marziali
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