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Paint.NET v2.5 Beta 1 now available

Bene... ecco la nuova versione da scaricare, non capisco l'esigenaza di farla scadere... ma tant'è...:

You can get it at our download page here. This version includes a ton of performance improvements (pagefaults should watch out when I'm in the room!), and the Move Selection tool for working with selections (moving, resizing, rotating).
Here's the official changelist:

  • New tool: Move Selection, which is used for moving, resizing, and rotating just the selection outline
  • Pan tool removed: it was redundant because its functionality is accessible from any tool (hold down the spacebar)
  • Changed the ordering of tools in the toolbox
  • Startup performance is much faster
  • General rendering performance is faster
  • Move Tool rendering is faster
  • History actions no longer use lots of extra memory while saving to disk
  • Selection outline rendering is nicer to CPU usage (it will avoid using 100%)
  • Jittering while panning at non-integral zoom levels is fixed
  • Page up/down and home/end can be used for scrolling
  • Zoom Tool has much nicer rendering when drawing a zoom-in rectangle
  • Added status-bar info text while drawing with the Rectangle and Ellipse shape drawing tools
  • Added a Units submenu to the View menu
  • Fixed many miscellaneous bugs
Please note that this build will expire on November 1st. An update will be available before then. The final release of v2.5 will not expire. As always, feel free to visit our forum to give us suggestions for v2.5, or to report any bugs.

Source: Paint.NET v2.5 Beta 1 now available

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