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Come cancellare gli item dal combo dell'autocomplete

Il mondo รจ pieno di tante piccole cose che non si conoscono... bene... una in meno... almeno per me!

Well, believe it or not, you can actually delete items from the AutoComplete list by selecting them and then hitting the delete key.  Yes, it's that simple.  It's so simple that most people don't even know that this was possible. Try it:  go to your favorite search engine, but the cursor in the search box and hit the down arrow, select one of the items in the autocomplete list and hit the delete's now gone.

Source: Yes, autocomplete....but not that one!! A little known fact about AutoComplete

Print | posted on sabato 10 settembre 2005 19:13 |



# re: Come cancellare gli item dal combo dell'autocomplete

Una piccola nota: per firefox è leggermente diverso. Bisogna fare shift+del.

10/09/2005 19:20 | Fabio Cozzolino
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