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Eccolo qui. Visto che è il parser di default di IE6, vi consiglio di aggiornarlo, ma attenzione ai problemi noti...

Cosa aggiorna:

MSXML 3 SP5 has a number of bug fixes including those detailed in the following Knowledge Base (KB) articles:

·         Article 811045: XSL requests within IE do not use the client-side cache correctly (

·         Article 832414: XMLHTTP call fails for URLs with embedded user credentials (

Problemi noti:

MSXML 3.0 SP5 introduces changes for IXMLDOMSchemaCollection, which in some cases could break your existing application code if it uses and depends upon SP stability for msxml3.dll in the following ways:

·         IDispatch, specifically where your IXMLDOMSchemaCollection code depends upon DispIDs returned from IDispatch::GetIDsOfNames method

·         IDispatchEx, specifically where your IXMLDOMSchemaCollection code depends upon IDispatchex::GetDispID method to retrieve DispIDs

Specifically, breaking changes occur if your code involves calls to IDispatch::Invoke or IDispatchEx::InvokeEx using DispIDs which were not derived from a call to IDispatch::GetIDsOfNames or IDispatchEx::GetDispID on that same object. The only methods to be impacted are the properties and methods on the IXMLDOMSchemaCollection object.

This is a temporary issue that is expected to be addressed in future service pack updates for MSXML 3.0.

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