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Visto che oggi è la giornata di Team System: VSTSEclipse!

Diamo voce anche a quello che succede fuori da Microsoft.

Preso da sourceforge, dalla pagina ufficiale di VSTSEclipse:

This project is based on creating a Microsoft Visual Studio Team System plug-in for the Eclipse dev platform. The ultimate goal is to expose the new and improved functionality and capabilities provided by Team System to projects using non .NET languages.

E questa è stata la mia fonte:

Wow!! I just got a message from Joe Sango saying that the great little project he is heading up, VSTSEclipse, was covered in an article by Alexander Wolfe of TechWeb! The article talks about the vision for the project, and has quotes from Joe that were taken from an email interview he did with Alex a few months ago.

The article mentions my involvement in the project, however, I'm not actually doing any of the hard work, that needs to be credited to the VSTSEclipse team (Joe Sango, Mitch Denny, Jon Box, and Martin Woodward).

Congratulations guys, and I hear there is another set of interviews in the pipeline with Dr. Dobbs Journal!! Amazing! Just don't forget me when you'll are rich and famous


Print | posted on mercoledì 20 aprile 2005 13:18 |



# re: Visto che oggi è la giornata di Team System: VSTSEclipse!

Chissa' perche' ma io resto sempre + affezionato a Team System ...
21/04/2005 08:55 | Aldo .NET

# re: Visto che oggi è la giornata di Team System: VSTSEclipse!

Pure io... ma spero che riescano nell'intento per favorire l'adozione di team system anche in ambienti eterogenei...
21/04/2005 12:59 | Lorenzo Barbieri
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